I diritti dell’uomo

cronache e battaglie

The journal is distributed four monthly and is issued by the publishing house Editoriale Scientifica s.r.l. since 2014. It has been recognized by both the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Dipartimento per l’Informazione e l’Editoria. The review is sponsored by UNESCO and is recognised by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, being of high scientific and cultural value.

I diritti dell’uomo. Cronache e battaglie is widely distributed both nationally and internationally in international organisations, national institutions, universities, libraries, Italian cultural institutes, and other entities interested in the topic.

The journal is divided in thematic sections. Every publication in fact includes:

  • An editorial focused on contemporary national and international human rights;
  • A paper/essay section often edited by important personalities, contributing to the journal’s scientific value;
  • A comments and notes section that gathers the opinions of leading experts regarding the functioning and activities of the bodies ensuring the respect of human rights;
  • Eleven headings focused on case-law and legislation updates;
  • The so-called giornale a più voci, in which human rights experts debate key issues offering a wide variety of perspectives and contributing to the great battle for human rights;
  • An interview section presenting testimonies of individuals of great prominence;
  • A document section which offers a selection and translation of the most recent national and international case-laws and legislations on the subject.

To subscribe to the journal send an email to [email protected]